How to enable CIFS access to vol0 on a new FAS8020...

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We've just installed a NetApp FAS8020 running Clustered Data ONTap 8.3.1 with three disk shelves.  It's primary purpose will be iSCSI CSV's for our Production Hyper-V cluster.  NetApp's MyAutosupport indicates we need to update the Disk Qualification Package (not critical, but best practice).

Our previous NetApp SAN is a FAS2240-2 running 7-mode 8.1.4.  Accessing the vol0 volume for software upgrades was configured to support CIFS, so it was simple to open \\SAN1\etc$ in Windows Explorer for administrative file access.

Is the same CIFS access to vol0 supported in Clustered 8.3.1?  If so, what's the procedure to enable?
We have already created an SVM for iSCSI only.  Does a separate SVM need to be created with CIFS for access to the cluster's vol0?
(SVM has no production data yet so it can be deleted if needed.)

Any direction and/or procedures would be greatly appreciated.


Frederick, MD
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Answered my own ignorant questions.  Still stuck in a 7-mode state of mind.

Clustered (cDOT) no longer supports CIFS access to vol0.  FTP can be used for file transfers, so I created simple FTP server inside our network, and placed the DQP there for download.  Worked like a charm.

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