WAN, LAN and WiFi analysis

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I would like to perform an Analysis for our WAN, LAN and wifi.  More specifically I would like to understand:
a. What is my current connection capability (What is 100% of my WAN, Wifi and LAN)
b. What is my max, average and standard deviation of the usage during "office hours"

Is there a tool that would help me collect and analyze this information and makes it easy to read and digest to non-technical people?

My topology is:
AT&T fiber (10mb/10mb) connection
Cisco RV320 router
Two Cisco SG300 52 port  
One Cisco SG10P
Two Cisco WAP321access points
Four Window Servers
40 desktops
10 laptops
5 tablets
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a. read the contract
b. max = read the contract
average = use something like prtg to measure
standard deviation = measure for longer and add up with excel
Two Cisco WAP321access points
10 laptops
5 tablets

For the WAPs you need to know if they're set to use the 2.4GHz or 5GHz radios (that model can't be setup to use both; it's either-only)... either band is capable of providing about 150Mbps of real world throughput divided among all the devices connected to that AP.

For the laptops and tablets, you would need to know what kind of wireless adapters they have in them, to figure out their maximum connection speeds and share of the WAPs' bandwidth.

It's been a while since I played with PRTG (as recommended by gheist), and don't recall if you can make sensors to track bandwidth by individual MAC address; if not, you may need to assign reserved IPs per MAC address in your DHCP server to get accurate data per device.
We use a tools from VXSuite to monitor and report on the stats you request above.  Reporting is also easy to understand.  Easy to deploy, economical and unique in its ability to monitor tradition telephone services like PRIs and VoIP.  We use it to insure all users are getting good voice quality in addition to traditional monitoring functions.

Link to VXsuite

We use a VXSuite partner for additional support Stratetel
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prtg can measure per switch port, certainly not by wifi client MAC addresses...
AkinsdNetwork Administrator
Most monitoring tools have this capability
PTRG is a good tool.
Whatsupgold is a little pricey but allows even more granular customization
I haven't used VXSuite but it seems like a good tool for monitoring voice traffic.
As suggested by Gheist, your contract should indicate your CIR. You can then compare it to what you measured.
Another simple tool for Total WAN bandwidth is speedtest.net


prtg and appears to do what i need

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