NIC Teaming in ESXi

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I am running ESXi 6.0 that hosts a domain controller and a remote desktop server. Presently i am using only one NIC and the other one is unplugged. What would be the best way to make the second NIC work and share the network traffic load. What are the other advantages of setting up NIC Teaming.

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Advantages of ESXi Host NIC Teaming

1. Reduces the single point of failure, with only a single nic in the host.
2. Doubles throughput to the vSwitch.

Connect the network interface on the host, to a switch, and adjust the teaming policy for the vSwitch to match the physical switch configuration.

ESXi Host Teaming configuration affects the outbound traffic from the host, to alter the inbound traffic to the host requires configuration of the physical switch.

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First you would need appropriate network switch configuration and then you can consider NIC teaming for either bandwidth expansion and/or failover. Using LACP or similar trunk option you can do both at the same time / increase bandwidth and make sure that if one NIC connection fails it'll continue working.

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