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MP4 editor

I am looking for a MP4 editor, where I can take a portion of an MP4 video file and copy it over multiple times to create a new MP4 video file. I am using Windows 7.    Any ideas on a free tool that can help me with this?   I tried a few tools,  such as VLC but it doesn't seem to be working correctly.  Thanks.
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You can easily do what you have described with the Freemake Video Converter which is free.

Here is a link...

You may get a false warning from Avira Antivirus when you download the installer but it is safe as I have been using this software for years with Avira installed.

Good Luck!
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@Bembi, thanks for the reply.  I downloaded and installed moviemaker.  Not sure how to work this based on what I am looking to do.  The video is 5 minutes in length, I want to take the first 4:30 of the video and copy it over a number of times to create a new MP4 file.   Any ideas on how to do this?  Thanks.
I was able to figure it out, thanks