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I am looking for a MP4 editor, where I can take a portion of an MP4 video file and copy it over multiple times to create a new MP4 video file. I am using Windows 7.    Any ideas on a free tool that can help me with this?   I tried a few tools,  such as VLC but it doesn't seem to be working correctly.  Thanks.
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I would have movie maker in my mind.

It is part of Windows Essentials....

VLC can do the same as I know, but never used it this way because Movie maker does most of the jobs and a bit more easier to handle. You can just cut the stuff together an reencode
You can easily do what you have described with the Freemake Video Converter which is free.

Here is a link...

You may get a false warning from Avira Antivirus when you download the installer but it is safe as I have been using this software for years with Avira installed.

Good Luck!


@Bembi, thanks for the reply.  I downloaded and installed moviemaker.  Not sure how to work this based on what I am looking to do.  The video is 5 minutes in length, I want to take the first 4:30 of the video and copy it over a number of times to create a new MP4 file.   Any ideas on how to do this?  Thanks.


I was able to figure it out, thanks

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