allow someone to track your on map with phone gps

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I'm planning on a long road trip and wanted family to be able to track me.  are there any apps I can use to send them a link they can use to track me live? . thanks. I have a android and other person an iPhone.
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MacleanSystem Engineer
Insta Mapper should do the trick.
Personally I like GLYMPSE -
It works on iOS and Android and allows you to share your location with anyone you want .. the nice thing is you can limit the duration of the share .. and it will expire when you want.


Google plus location sharing is the best option...

please check this article.
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Glympse is the nicest option, as the other side will always be able to check up on you, whether they're on a pc/Mac (browser will show it), or tablet/phone (either browser will show it, or app).
Obviously, you need a data connection throughout the whole trip, and if you're roaming (or even abroad), please note the higher cost of the data (probably a few MB per hour, but could be more!)
Sean Plemons Kelly, CISSPInformation Systems Security Engineer
Hello, bbimis!

Waze is a fantastic app for directions, tracking, etc.

It provides directions, allows you to share your drive with other people, and it also allows you to post and see information that others have posted about road conditions, police speed traps, road hazards, etc.

It is freely available on Apple iOS and Android.

I hope this helps!



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