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Windows SBS 2008 - RWW (NOT RDP ) Dual monitor from home to dual monitor in office .. Possible ?

I have users work from home using RWW (REMOTE WEB WORKPLACE) has any way been found to permit the dual monitor on the work desktop to be replicated on the users home dual monitor setup ?
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Ankit Pareek
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Hey i am not properly understand that what do you want in RWW system have a look on blog post from technet

Download your remote desktop icon from RWW using Chrome.

Once done, open the icon with notepad.

Add the following line to the end of the config:
span monitors:i:1
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Download remote desktop icon using chrome ??
I do not understand .
Where exactly would that icon be in a browser ??
Log into your RWW ( using Chrome.  When you click on your remote desktop PC it will download the Icon.
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Google Chrome does not work with RWW .
You get email and internal web access only .
There is no remote desktop PC
Ahh sorry, Chrome does work in SBS2011 but not SBS2008 as you've said.

You'll have to enter the details manually in Remote Desktop (mstsc) and then edit the file once you've saved it.
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David ,
I do not understand your instructions.
Where am i going to find remote desktop in a client rww .
Rww is through the browser not from a desktop icon .
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David Atkin
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Unable to connect because user is not listed in Gateway etc ... But i can connect via Web ..