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How Can i Add New Hard Disk To Dell Power Edge R910

Hi ,

Please Need Your help ASAP ,

How can i add new hard disk to my Dell Server Power Edge R910  ,

Thanks a lot ,
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Uros Gaber

Depending on current configuration, check if you have any available disk slot free and if so you should purchase an original DELL hard drive per R910 part numbers - this will give you the needed drive tray - and you plug it into the server. After that you just have to configure it on the RAID controller to be accessible by the OS.

Depending on the running OS/hardware this can be usually done LIVE.
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I already have Hard Disk , but need to know how can i add it With the old hard disk available on the server before , to extend it the size of hard disk on this server , Via RAID Controller ,

 What is Step's to do it ,

Thanks a lot ,
This has a lot to do with your current configuration, is the current drive in an RAID array? If so then to extend the array you must know what kind of array it is (RAID0,RAID1,RAID1+0,...).

If it's RAID0 - leave it be; you must create another new array with new disks which will be larger than the original, copy the data from the old array to the new one and then you can remove the old drives and reconfigure the OS to access new array instead of old one
If it's RAID1 or RAID1+0 - first replace ONE drive in the array, wait for it to rebuild, replace the other drive(s) and wait for it to rebuild, now you should have the old array but with larger disks and you should be able to extend the array first on the RAID controller and after that in the OS

I guess from your question that you did not build this server but just have it in possession in this case I would recommend that you leave this to be done by a professional as there are many ways that things can go wrong if the right procedure is not followed and also not all reconfigurations can be done LIVE if you are looking to do so.

EDIT: also configuration dependent is also which OS is in use etc.
You want to do a RAID level migration or disk group expansion but you haven't told us which RAID controller you have so we can't tell you how to do it. Look in OMSA and tell us what you see under storage. Need controller model and current RAID level plus whether new disk is same size/interface as current ones.
Thanks to all for your answering ....

As your Requested Mr.Andyalder see the below Details:

Server Dell PowerEdge R910

Our Software is Dell OpenManage Server Version 6.5.0
PERC H700 Integrated which i see under Storage and Virtual Disk VD-1 RAID-10 ,

How will help me to know if i need to add New Array on this Controller ?

thanks a lot ,
H710 does not allow expansion of RAID 10 -

All you can do is either backup, create new virtual disk with the extra drives and restore or create a separate virtual disk for any new drives you have.

To create a new virtual disk just physically add the hard disks physically and then under OMSA use the create virtual disk wizard to make the new array. You don't have to shut down to do that.
Can You tell me Please step by step how can i create new virtual disk to make the new array with keep it

old one without any effect from OMSA ,

as you said that's i don't need to do shut down that's mean will be no downtime ,
Waiting for your Answering ......

Thanks a lot,
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