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Computer will not start up properly if printer is turned or left on first.

I purchased 2 Brother DCP-L2540DW printers yesterday. I installed the drivers from the CD and hooked up the printer when instructed. It requested me to restart the computer at the end of the installation package. What happens is my computer boots up just prior to the 'Press Ctrl Alt Delete' screen. Prior to displaying this screen, both my monitors briefly display 'No Signal', turns black and the power light on both monitors turn amber.

I can wait at the blank screen for 5, 10 or 15 minutes and nothing will change. Within 3 seconds of me turning off my printer, both monitors display the 'Press Ctrl Alt Delete' screen and everything is OK.

Everything works perfectly if I restart my computer with the printer turned off.
My computer will not start properly if I start my computer with the printer turned on.

I've contacted Bother and they're blaming Microsoft for the problem. Brother doesn't have a phone number for tech support. The phone number is a message to go to their website for 'Live Chat'.

I rotated printers and my computer restarted fine the first time. Every time after that I ran into the same problem with either printer.

I've updated the firmware on the printer.
I've downloaded and used the latest driver from the Brother Website.
I've installed every update related to the Brother DCP-L2540DW printer on the Brother website.

Any suggestions?
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