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I did a restore on my mac mini with a time machine backup and now I can't install any programs and I can't click the unlock icon on anything in users.  It says admin under the name of the user but it does not act that way.
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You have to click on the unlock button at the bottom left of the users panel, then supply an admin username and password. If you still have a problem, post a screenshot of the user's panel.


I can't click the unlock button anymore.  It just kind of jitters really quickly and does not unlock.  Very odd.
Are you logged in as an administrator? What shows when you drag down the Apple menu to the bottom item?

Try logging out and logging back in. Try running Repair Permissions from Disk Utility.
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So is Nic1 an administrative account? Can you show us a screen shot of your Users and Groups preferences pane?
Tim LapinComputer Consultant (Desktop analyst)

I would also like to see a screen shot of the Users & Groups preference window.

Which OS do you have?  If 10.11 (El Capitan), I don't think you can repair permissions.  It was one of the things that was changed with the new OS.

If repairing permissions via the Disk Utility either does not work or is not possible, another more drastic option is possible.  It also requires that you still have a Time Machine backup of ALL the accounts.

Boot into the recovery mode and first run Disk Utility again to examine the disk itself.
Then, wipe the disk, again with Disk Utility
Next, reload the OS.

Once you have a new, working image, set up a new Admin account.  Use a different name than the earlier one.

Then do a restore from Time Machine of what you need.  I recommend restoring just the data files if possible.  Should you need to restore all the accounts completely, then you will need to log into the one in question and move the data.  I suggest moving it to the "Shared" user space so that it can then be moved to the new account's space.
Have you just tried logging out, then logging back in?

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