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Excel Data Validation with indirect data validation HELP!!

I have 3 columns that need to have data validation lists which are indirects
so for example

In Cell A2 user selects from a list dropdown which has the inventory types named Inventorylist
Based off of A2 in Column B is a dropdown with indirect($A$A2) to select from Categorieslist
Based off of the selection in B2 in Column C is a dropdown withIndirect($B,$B2) to select from the subcategory list

the first cell works but if I copy down the data validation list  to the other cells in the column it does not change the indirect to point to the new row, it keeps the columns with the category still pointing at whatever is selected in A2 instead of incrementing to what is selected in  A3,A4 ect...

is there a way to make it increment when I copy down the data validation indirect list to the other cells?
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