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When finished with document run spell/grammar check.  Then save document.  When open document again and add paragraph.  Run spell check and it begins from the beginning of the document again
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Normal. That is how it works.
Zac HarrisSystems Administrator

If you want to only check a certain part of the document you can either highlight the area to be checked and click the grammar/spell check. That will only check the highlighted text. I don't have that version of Office anymore but there might be the option to select to check from cursor position.
In this case position the cursor above the added element and it will check from the cursor down.
EirmanChief Operations Manager

I checked this in Word 2007 .....

To avoid special words/names being rechecked every time you spellcheck
Click on "Add to dictionary" and that word will never come up as an error in any document.

To avoid special words/names being rechecked every time you spellcheck
Click on "Ignore All" and that word will never come up as an error in that document.
You can reset the "ignores" as follows ....
Round Office Button > Word Options > Proofing > Recheck Document

Highlight the new text you want to spellcheck and press F7
and then NO to the option to "check the remainder of the document"
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As I undestand then:  there is nothing that can effectively stop from continually chewcking same thing over and over.

Should not use Office word to wrote a long letter, paper, document etc.  because everytime the spell check will run the entire documant each time even though has been corrected on those words or ignore?
Systems Administrator
No, that is not correct...

You can highlight a specific section of text and check only that section of text which is highlighted. If you have a long document or letter you should be mitigating the found issues the first time you run the check. This will prevent them from showing up again.
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