Cannot configure email on any email clients

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We got our domain from Google, they use a registrar I have never heard of Enom.  The web site is being hosted by a third party and was just launched yesterday.  

I began to configure the email addresses on different devices, Android, iPhone and Outlook, each failed with an authentication error.  I've changed the password numerous time, copied and pasted the password into the client trying to get past the error with absolutely no luck

I can log onto Gmail email using any of the failed email addresses and the password that is being rejected, I have also made sure that pop is allowed for each of the email addresses.  

Need some help with this I'm out of ideas
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Uros Gaberdirector

Try checking DNS records for your domain that there are actually records for at least
"mail CNAME"
Google has implemented a new "Feature" disallowing access to GMail from "Less Secure" applications, i.e. iphone, droid, Outlook etc..  Sounds like it's pretty much all commonly used applications.

You have to first sign into your gmail account, using a browser
Then go here to allow the use of these applications
Finally go here
Tell it to continue
And finally you can use your email client to receive email through Google.

They fail to mention the name of a secure application


It simply works

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