Trying to Determine What a Declared Variable Will Return

I was given this scenario, and need to determine what a specific declared variable would return:

Table:  Employees
ID int not null
F_Name varchar(50) not null
L_Name varchar(100) not null

DECLARE @ColumnName varchar(255)
SET @ColumnName = "

SET @ColumnName = 
                    FROM Information_Schema.Columns
                      WHERE Table_Name = "Employees"
                          AND Data_Type IN ('char','varchar','nchar','nvarchar')

Will it return ID, F_Name, L_Name or will it return an Error?



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This is a quiz question and has been reported.
gdunn59Author Commented:

I am 56 years old and I am not in school.  I just came across a workbook that I had years ago from a previous job that my boss supplied to me.  I was going over some of the SQL Statements in this book and trying to familiarize myself with more advanced SQL Statements that I was not familiar with.
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
Can't you install a free version of SQL Express and just run the statement and see what it returns?
gdunn59Author Commented:

I did run it and it executes fine with no errors, but it doesn't show the results.

How can I see the results?


The quiz question is #22 at:

You obtain the answer by the following code:
SELECT @ColumnName

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But you should not use EE to answer your questions for you.  Rather ask how to come up with the answers yourself.

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