Replacement motheboard - what to buy?

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Need to remove this motherboard and swap to another from the site below:
I want to use the same processor / memory

What to but from this site - identical size and socket type?

pref this site
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It currently has a core i3
That is an older motherboard.
It is a LGA 1156 socket.  Neither of those websites you listed sells a single LGA 1156 motherboard at this time.

Why do you want to keep the CPU and memory?  A motherboard with a different, newer socket would be more logical, in my opinion, but I also don't have much information to go on.

Can you explain why you want to replace the motherboard, please? Did it stop working?

In the meantime, you can look for LGA 1156 motherboards from online auctions, etc.

Your current Asus P7H55-M LX uses the Intel H55 chipset, FYI.
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Agree - that's an OLD i3 system - no one except MAYBE the odd close-out vendor and auction sites like ebay is selling boards compatible with that CPU.

You COULD still buy a new motherboard that supports the same RAM, but RAM is the cheapest it's been in years... you should probably just go new on everything (CPU/RAM/Motherboard).  Note: you MIGHT have to buy a new power supply too - make sure yours can handle the power requirements of a new board.  Otherwise, look on ebay for a generation 1 Intel i-series supporting motherboard (socket 1156).  I believe intel is on the 6th generation of the i series... meaning at least 6 years old and in technology, no one sells 6 year old stuff as new unless their clearing inventory - and they probably did that 4-5 years ago.
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Customer is low on € but I'm thinking this rig is for the scrap heap

The mother board has some anomolies, its just not playing ball with a new install of windows
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if you post the motherboard model - you can probably find it cheap on ebay, look here :
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