dell inspiron 1525 laptop shuts down


My windows insoiron 1525 eight year old laptop suddenly stops in between now and then for unknow reason. One of reason i am suspecting is overheating.
I am checking below link

to install above software to find the temperature etc.

I have windows 10 on it now. Which link i have to click to install and how to measure temperature and do other diagnosis to trouble shoot. please advise
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Did you run the windows 10 upgrade advisor?
At 8 years of age it may be a bit too old
possibly DEL mobo  drivers and other things any dust in the vents, put a book at the end underneath to help air flow, personally I'd wait until the bugs are ironed out/
Try the roll back windows 10 then do the upgrade advisor.
How much ram is onboard?
Rollback from Windows 10 to your previous version of Windows when you have problems
Note that you have to carry out the rollback operation, within 30 days of upgrading to Windows 10
Upgrade Assistant: FAQ

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go to the download page (in the blue band)
there click on the speedfan tab as shown here :
Any little computer repair shop will clean your laptop from dust and re-seat all heatsinks and other plugs for $20 or so. At that age sudden shutdown happens because air flow is completely obstructed by dust, fan motor lubricant dried out completely, some capacitor leaked and dried, thermal paste between cpu and heatsink solidified, and maybe even disk has worn off and generates too much heat.
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yep - but i like to know if it overheats or not - before spending cash
hwmonitor from is another tool to see temperatures.
also there should be something like firmware-initiated shutdown in system log
and with old age and battery broken it will just switch off when on battery.
gudii9Author Commented:
Staples offering trade in for 100$ if I purchase 400$ above new laptop from I pay 300$ from pocket. 6gb ram I3 processor , 500gb hard drive.thinking about it
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Every laptop needs to have the dust blown out of it on a yearly basis.  On the left rear of the 1525 is the exhaust for the cooling fan.  Get a can of blow off and, with the laptop turned off, blow in through those vents which will knock the dust off the inside (you can't see it).  You will hear the fan whirring while you do this.
I have seen laptops run 80+ degrees cooler simply by blowing out the dirt.
That laptop is also on a very short list of easily upgraded models.  If you take the L shaped cover off the bottom, the heatsink for the CPU is easily removable which is quite unusual.
I just upgraded a 1525 to a T7250 CPU ($7), 4GB of ram ($6), and a newer hard disk drive ($12; but its twice as fast!).  It is running Windows 10 just fine and will be a Christmas present, this year.
or put an SSD in it - that's your best investment for a speedy laptop  -and for about 100$ you can use this one 3-4 years more
I;d try air bower first... Maybe it just works for another 8 years after.
If there's a lot of dust, you should open up the laptop.  Just blowing out the air vents sometimes wedges it deeper into the system board.  I clean mine annually, semiannually or even quarterly when I was in very dusty conditions.  Some workspaces just generate a lot of dust.  The more frequently your system fan comes, the more frequently you should clean it.
if you install speedfan - you'll see if it is needed or not
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