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I store a lot of Pages documents in the icloud that I can access with my iPad Air 2 (wi-fi only).  However, I need local copies of all these documents to access when I'm not able to access wi-fi). I want them to sync automatically. How can this be done?
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If you want files OFFLINE the look at using Dropbox which allows you to mark files for local storage on the iOS device .. they will sync when online but be available offline too.

I find Dropbox to be more flexible than iCloud and you can still work with Pages documents from Dropbox


I could look into Dropbox as you say (and I will). Can't believe there isn't an iCloud only way to handle this...
Of course you can use iCloud

The iCloud Drive on iOS will store the files and you can work with them offline .. I assumed you have tried and used iCloud Drive already as this works similarly
You can use iCloud Drive on OSX and Windows as well as the iOS on iPad

You create or open a file from iCloud Drive in Pages  ... when offline the files you have opened will still be editable and will sync back with your PC when online again.

Another option if you don't want to use any cloud service
You can also use iTunes to add files to your device on the Pages app which will work offline and doesn't rely on iCloud as they are directly copied to the device .. you can email or copy them back off the device via iTunes when online again.  Simple connect the ipad to iTunes, open the Apps section and look at the file sharing section at the bottom .. you can drag and drop files in there and sync them to the iPad.


Silly me. I disconnected the Wi-Fi on my iPad. All my iCloud Pages are available locally automatically.  I made a change to one of the files, and it is ready to upload to iCloud once I reconnect wi-fi.

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