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Hi there,

After validating a user's email and password, where should the user's session variable be set, in the Controller or can it be set in the View? Does it matter where it is set?

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It should probably be set in the Controller or the Model.  Views should not change the state of the data model.  Here is an article that is MVC-agnostic - it just shows the basics of PHP client authentication.
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As MVC I use CodeIgniter, so I don't know if this can be true for your specific environment, but I usually set session values from the controller. It is possible to do it even in view but the correct way is to keep code in controller (as keeping database stuff in models).
In the controller, you can use standard php $_SESSION array or, it it exists, your framework session class.


Thank you Ray, you provided valuable extra information with that link. Thanks to you too Marco, you basically confirmed what Ray had mentioned.

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