Backup software for on-premise computers and AWS servers

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The enviroment:

Local computers with XP, win 7
File servers, DC and more.. all at AWS Amazon. S3 and glacier enabled too.

Some questions:
-Can I run not manually a backup from  existing instances? Right now I run snapshots manually.
-I´d like to build a new AMI with a backup/restore software and, from this point, running  tasks and store them at local NAS

Any idea?

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Try for DR as a service, or Cloudberry  for plain backup software.

Yes, you can write a script that will run on an EC2 instance and backup itself. I do that with my linux.
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As Shalomc mentioned, take a look at CloudBerry, I wrote an article on their Explorer Backup software that integrates with S3 here:

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Nice post!!!

If you're still exploring options you might also want to check out Carbonite as well. You can install us on your AWS machines the same way you'd install on a physical device and you can back up both the local desktops and the virtual devices with Carbonite and have all of your backups in one program to manage.

If you wanted to learn more or would like to see a demonstration feel free to send me a message! Best of luck in your search

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