Windows 10 - Surface Pro 4 with Surface Dock and 2 external monitors - cannot drag anything to one external monitor

Hi Experts,

I’ve got a  Surface Pro 4 running with a Surface Dock and 2 external monitors.

Looking at Advanced Display Settings:

Clicking Detect shows:

monitor 1 is the Surface Pro
monitor 2 is the Left external
monitor 3 is the Right external

Multiple displays is set to:  Extend these displays

My problem is that I can drag apps and windows between monitor 1 and monitor 3.

But I cannot drag anything to monitor 2 (it just shows the standard Windows 10 background and nothing else).

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What happens if you try to drag? Does the mouse pointer stop moving right at the border of that screen? Could it be that your monitor 2 is indeed not left of 1 but right of 3?
Or to expand to the above, on top or below?
LeighWardleAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in responding - I have been traveling, without access to the external monitors.

Here are the monitor numbers as given by the Identify command:

Monitor numbers as given by Identify command
I can drag items up from Monitor 1 to Monitor 3.

But moving the mouse on Monitor 3 is blocked on the left and top boundaries.

I have been able to get the mouse to appear on Monitor 2, but only after a convoluted journey starting at the bottom of Monitor 1.

Does anyone know the significance of the arrangement of the tiles representing the monitors?

Here are 2 examples:
Tile layout 1
Tile layout 2

It's easy to drag and drop the tiles, but does the layout have any significance?
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Yes, the layout does have a significance. Another important factor is the resolution of the different displays. One of them has a much larger resolution than the others, and then to move the cursor from one display to the other you must move so that you have a "through way". Otherwise it will be like bumping into a wall.
Right so. The surface own display, though it is the smallest, has the highest resolution. So that is why you see this effect. Maybe you should only use the 2 external screens when docked. If you needed 3 of the same resolution, that would mean you needed new, high end monitors.

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LeighWardleAuthor Commented:
I'm happy now - I can move the mouse and objects smoothly across Monitors in the order 1, 2, 3.
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