Outlook 2010 is looking for mail.domain.local instead of mail.domain.com after new cert. exchange 2003 is server

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I have an Exchange 2003 server and Outlook 2010 clients.  The new cert is for mail.domain.com.  Outlook is looking for mail.domain.local and is coming up with a cert error.  How do I tell outlook to look for the .com.
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Scott CSenior Engineer

Check your URLs.  

Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory   | ft server,*lur* -AutoSize
Get-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory | ft server,*lur* -AutoSize
Get-ClientAccessServer           | ft name,  *lur* -AutoSize
Get-EcpVirtualDirectory          | ft server,*lur* -AutoSize
Get-OabVirtualDirectory          | ft server,*lur* -AutoSize
Get-OwaVirtualDirectory          | ft server,*lur* -AutoSize
Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory  | ft server,*lur* -AutoSize

If they are correct, delete the Outlook profile and recreate.

AutoDiscover is the one you want to look at.

Also make sure the EWS is correct. mail.domain.com/ews/exchange.asmx

Make sure your cert is correct as well.

Get-ExchangeCertificate | fl
Scott CSenior Engineer

Here is a sample of the URLs from one of my labs.

You also want to do a:

Test-OutlookWebServices  | ft


All should come back as "Information" or "Success".
Senior Engineer
Also, you need to migrate your users off of Exchange 2003 as soon as you can.  2003 is no longer supported except for migrations.

Please read my recently accepted answer for this issue in another EE question..

EE Accepted Solution to this problem
Scott CSenior Engineer

Glad I could help.

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