AngularJS Ideas with HTML : Order Reshuffling Popup

Experts,  Is it possible to achieve something like this angularJS. If yes I need some ideas.

I would like to have a popup which takes data from a entity table and loads up the data like this in the picture.  I need to have a up and down arrow controls that will re-arrange the order and saves it in the database.

 I am using C#, entity framework, angular JS, Web API and SQL Server 2008.

Subbu GAsked:
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Subbu GAuthor Commented:

can you throw some ideas?
Two projects that can help are Bootstrap UI Modal and Grid. Pass the data needed to be rendered into the Modal as a dependency and render in the grid.
Subbu GAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your response.

I am a beginner with Angular so UI Grid looks very complex to me. Bootstrap UI popup is okay with me. is there any sample codes that you can refer me to?
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If the grid contains too much overhead, I think an HTML table generated by an ng-repeat would be fine. This link contains a variety of tutorials for the Grid. Personally, I would avoid the grid and design this using HTML tables. Hopefully this gets you started and we can resolve issues you encounter as you make progress.
Subbu GAuthor Commented:
Thanks gregg. I will give it a shot
Alexandre SimõesManager / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
You're asking several things here; mainly how to handle popups and do that reshuffling feature,in AngularJS.

For the reshuffling you should use the orderBy filter along with the ngRepeat.
You just need to order by a property of your items and change it according to the move up and down arrows; the ngRepeat will take care of reflecting the changes on screen.

I'm on the phone so I can't give you a working example.

For the popup, AngularUI has a good one.

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Subbu GAuthor Commented:
thanks @AlexCode

I will come back with all your inputs and reach an interesting point before I can come with further questions.. appreciated.
Subbu GAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. Appreciated
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