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I need to a a line "and Circulars" below the text but I can't match the color of the original type with Photoshop. Any idea how to make it

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to determine the color number

from the toolbox, choose the Eyedropper Tool.
click the desired color with the tool.
From the color toolbox, select the Color tab.
On the color toolbox, click on the small colored box.
On the Color Picker box that opens up, copy the hexadecimal code of the color from the
# field



still cannot match the color and styles,

can you put the sample in a photoshop file so that I can follow
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Sorry can't help further
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Select Colour
Open your file in photoshop
Click on the 2 coloured boxes on the left ..... The colour picker will open.
Move your cursor (which changes to an eye-dropper) over your text and click
..... your chosen colour will be the New colour
Click OK

TIP: Click the little curved arrow beside the 2 rectangles on the left to swop the foreground/background colours (and set them)

Anything you now type/draw should be a perfect colour match.

(Photoshop is not an ideal program for working with text)
Since your sample text is slim, you might get a different color if you use the default 3x3 average.

You can switch to point sample, then zoom to 400% or more and click inside the text to get the original color.

Point sample



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