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Hi Experts using excel 2010

Is it possible to have data validation fromantic a named range and if the name is in the list and the end user, incorrectly types the name wrong auto correct...and also allow free text.
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the best way, i know is using combo box list for this.

please find attached example.   the minute user write data it will auto suggest
If you want your drop down list to be auto corrected.

Then you can do using vba.

Please see attached.
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Couple of things you can do.. You can go to data validation and then give your name range name in that assuming it's abc you can simply do =abc

In additional in the last option in validation change it from warning to information it will give you a pop up message if the value is not their asking you want to still enter it and you can choose if you descide yes it will still accept your value even being not their..

This will do what you are looking for free text and value which as well which you are looking for.

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My drop down is in column d and list in sheet 2 column f...

How do I amend vba.
you do not need to amend the VBA.

Enter the VBA in sheet1 (worksheet change event).

Double click on your dropdown list and you will see the list.

See attached. in this example the list is in sheet2 column f and dropdown is in sheet1 column d.

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