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Switch and Routing,

Good day,

assistance with routing.

i have a L3 Catalyst Switch acting as the core switch with 2 svi, one VLAN 4 ( (Data) and VLAN 30 ( I have configured an access port on port 1 for VLAN 30 and configured a route to an internet gateway (

in the internet gateway i have a route that goes back to the Catalytst Switch.

Internet Gateway Route ----------- Source (ANY) Destination (Wifi( Service (ANY) Gateway (WiFi SVI ( Interface (LAN)

with the route i am able to get out to the internet fine, but, i am able to access VLAN 4 devices? once i remove the route i am unable to access the internet or the VLAN4 devices. So i think i may have the route wrong.

Internet Gateway ( --------->L3 Switch ( ----------->VLAN4 and VLAN30
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