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P2V Windows Server 2000 - Network Issue

P2V'd an old Windows 2000 Server, I booted off an old version of VMware converter and everything looked to convert just fine - no errors in the logs.  

Went in and removed the ghost NICs and set the IP but am still getting the IP conflict error.  I looked through the registry and removed any left over network settings I could find still no luck.  I've been searching around but haven't really found anything that has helped.  

Any ideas would be great! Thanks!
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How is it getting its IP address?  If static, have you confirmed that this address doesn't exist anywhere?  If dynamic, are you sure that there is only one DHCP server?
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I have confirmed the static, and even if I change it to a known available static I get the same error.  DHCP is just giving me a 169 address and I am sure there is only one DHCP server.
To be clear, you are getting an identical error message whether the IP address is set statically or dynamically?  Could you post the actual error?

When you set it statically (to an address known not to be used) can you ping anything on the network, including itself?
No error on DHCP, but it doesn't grab an address just takes a 169.  I've added the error on static which comes up regardless of the address entered.

When set static I cannot ping anything.
I'm not that knowledgeable of VMWare and wonder if there is an issue with it.  Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the NIC on the VM?
Yea I tried that after the initial removal of the ghost NICs, I removed everything did a full reboot and added one back that's where I am at now.  I have tried 2 different NIC drivers for the vm, flexible and e1000 still no luck.

Thanks for the suggestions so far.
I think your networking stack is broken, if you cannot obtain an IP Address via DHCP or assign a static IP Address, and cannot ping anything.

Also what version of ESXi ?
This link:
has some suggestions.

Can you test this with no network cables attached and no other VMs running?  It would be useful to know if the conflict is internal or external.
Andrew - the host is running version 3.5 of ESX

Comp - Went through that article but still stuck in the same place.  I cant really test the host with a single VM, the other VMs aren't critical but used throughout the day.

I may end up just P2Ving it again on the chance that something corrupted in the conversion.
Is it practical to move it to a different (temporary) box for testing?
if you assign a static IP Address to this Windows 2000 VM, can it ping itself ?

Windows 2000 and ESX 3.5, both out of support, and legacy.
Have you removed hidden nics ?
Using devmgr_show_hidden_device trick ?
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Was unable to resolve issue, going to retry conversion.