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Hi guys,

I am trying to move from Freshbooks (www.freshbooks.com) to Quickbooks. I can do an export of my contacts through Freshbooks, but i cannot do anything with all my invoices.

Does anyone know of a way to migrate this?
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You may not be able to.  This Freshbooks article says Income and Expenses but not Invoices.


I use QuickBooks extensively. One way to do what you want is to set up a new Company with opening balances and the accounts you need at the beginning of your fiscal year. Import what you can, but keep the old Freshbooks data available for reference and begin QuickBooks new and enter new invoices in QB. Old invoices are either (a) Accounts Receivable or (b) income (revenue history.
Hello. If:

1.  you must have (or really really want to have) your old invoices from Freshbooks in Quickbooks
2. and  you can export the Freshbooks invoices to MS Excel or MS Access
3.  and you are familiar with VBA and MS Access

...you can use a utility called QODBC which is an open database connection driver specifically for QuickBooks. You can import data from QuickBooks into Microsoft Access and export data from Microsoft Access into QuickBooks.

So you don't have to learn the QuickBooks SDK if you know VBA.

Therefore, you could import your Freshbooks invoices into MS Access, either directly or via Excel, and export them back out to QuickBooks.

If you don't know VBA and you really need to do this, you can surely hire somebody to do it for you.

I don't work for QODBC or receive any compensation from them but have been using it for many years and couldn't do my job without it, or at least it would take three times as long.

http://www.qodbc.com is their website.

If you go with it, you'll find QODBC is really handy for doing a lot of things with your QuickBooks data in MS Access that you can't do in QuickBooks. I love it. Best of luck and best wishes!
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Invoices (and Bills) are a very special type of data in QuickBooks.

You can import Invoices into Quick Books with Zed Systems:


But then you need to create Excel files from your Freshbooks data.

Zed Systems is pretty much ready to go. QOBDC may take some work on your part.

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