mouse wheel scrolling changes by itself

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I am using windows 8.1 pro. I am using a Lenovo wired mouse. I reset it under mouse in control pane to 3 line scrolling. It keeps changing to 14 line scrolling..

any suggestions on what to do?
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probably not designed for windows 8.1 I've seen similar issues with another manufacturer and it turned out to be a driver issue/bug.
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Your mouse is controlled by the IBM ScrollPoint software which overrides any settings in Windows Mouse Control

- Change the setting there, or if you don't need any of the additional ScrollPoint options uninstall ScrollPoint and that will allow Windows to manage it as a basic mouse controlled by the basic mouse settings in Control Panel that you are currently using.
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Uninstall Ultra Nav (Control Panel) (make sure a bland mouse is attached). Shut down (power off), start up and install the newest version of Ulta Nav.  

A decently modern mouse works on both my Lenovo Windows 8.1 / 10 machines. Wired, RF wireless, or Bluetooth all work fine.

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