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Legacy Access breaks with Access 2015

I've got a very cherished version of Access 2k, I'm supporting a number of legacy apps with all the old toolbars, etc. All the good stuff which has gone....so I really need it...but I've just installed Office 2015 and to my horror Access 2000 breaks/ runtime exception.
Up till now, I've been able to run Access 2k with the later versions side by side...is there a way to continue?
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First thing to do is ... open the VBA Editor ... Tools>>References
Look for any that show:

**MISSING <SomeReferenceName>

Resolve missing references if any.

If no missing References (unlikely) ... the Debug>>Complile

There will likely be some compile errors ...  report back

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Either set up a virtual machine with an older operating system to run your legacy application, or else upgrade the application. Coexistence of Office was never the greatest idea.
Also "  Office 2015  " ... I assume you mean Office 2016 ?
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Former Microsoft Access MVP)
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Actually, I think I panicked a bit early. I have got the old 2k running, its just the VBA code editor is behaving a bit strangely.. mmmm...its nothing very consistent to be easy to comment on...for the first time ever (I an remember) I'm getting the code window saying:
"Not enough memory to show window..."
That is bizarre !

Have you tried rebooting ?

If so ... try running an Office Repair on 2016
Hopefully Access 2016 went in a separate directory from A2000.  If not, your going to need to un-install both, then re-install in order.

"then re-install in order."
Just to elaborate slightly ... Install A2K then A2016 *in separate folders*

However ... since A2013 no longer supports A97 mdbs ... It's VERY likely that >A2016 may not support A2K mdbs.

So ... at some point ... you will need to convert your mdbs to ACCDBs ... the sooner, the better.
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Phew....its working now, strange behaviour at first, seemed to get better with use...weird.
Leave Access 2k, never! What about the toolbars? The use-level security?
What's really been added? The VBA is the same vintage isn't it?
The only thing I've actually missed is the ability to embed some text functions into SQL...but easy to work round.
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btw, I've just tested my 2k legacy apps in the 2016, and they seem to work fine. I reckon 2k will see me to retirement.
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