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Hi there,
I wish to monitor a few our our clients who have HP proliant servers with ILO2 to ILO4

Is there a good solution on the market which monitors the SNMP traffic for things like failed drives etc but in a cloud based solution, so i can check the site for how these multiple )unrelated) servers are doing?

Im assuming through the SNMP Alert Destination it would just be a case of entering the IP address for this cloud based SNMP server?

I have searched but havent really found a solution which looks to do this
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I dont know what you mean by SNMP alert.
Probably you want to collect SNMP traps. Since they are UDP and not encrypted you have to provide a collector in house that sends them to cloud in secure manner.
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i see, do you know any decent collectors and cloud providers that offer this?
What is "this"
Normally enterprise uses some sort of central log aggregation. Some call it operations monitoring some call it siems.Any product of class can be adapted to log SNMP traps. At the same time it is much easier to teac iLO syslog protocol.
btw iLO 2 needs support contract to get TLS1.0 firmware and be connected by web browser.
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