Windows Server backup of on Hyper-v host 2012 server taking a long tim

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I am using Windows server backup to backup the VMs on hyper v host.  I am having an issue where it's taking a long time to finish the backups as it wants to do a full backup of each VM . Also , when the backups are taking place the VMs run very slow, For example, it would be so slow to access shares from a fileserver on one of the VM or a domain controller VM will not respond.  Also, do I need to turn on / off shadow copies on the drives that the VM vhds reside ?   I am starting to get the idea that only third party backup software will allow you to do incremental backups of the VMs which should take less time.
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Veeam is your best bet for host based backup.

WSB is not a very good option at this time.

Volume Shadow Copies should never be done on the partition hosting the VHDX files IMNSHO.

VSS is running at multiple levels in-host and in-guest. There are just too many ways to run into VSS collisions as a result. We had _way_ too much grief with WSB both in-host and in-guest. So, we moved on to ShadowProtect for in-guest protection and Veeam for the host and guests.

BTW, VSS collisions can cause data corruption and/or loss.

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