USB & lightning cables that enable faster charging

I've personally come across the vendors on the street peddling lightning & 
microUSB-USB cables that when I tested on my kid's iphone & my galaxy
Note 2, does help to charge up the devices faster (even faster than original

Question is, if I wanted to buy from online (Amazon, eBay), how can I
determine if they're really the fast charging ones?

Any to recommend for galaxy note 2, iphone 6 & for fast charging of
power banks?

A lot of 3rd party lightning cables fails to charge (giving the message
"this accessory is not supported" on the iPhone) but I have 2 such
cables (which are not certified to be MFI) which still works till today
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Uros GaberdirectorCommented:
Cables by themselves have little to do with speed of charging i.e. if they have any affect on speed of charging it would be negative one as cheap cables are made from cheap materials which can cause all kinds of trouble, from overheating, large voltage drops, burning up *because of overheating*, ...

Speed of charge has to do with the used power supply and the power it can provide, if you use the power supply from iPhone on your iPad you will notice that the charging time will double as the iPhone power supply has (if I remember correctly) 1Amp rating as the iPad power supply has 2Amp rating.

But note that even if you hook things up to a 3Amp power supply it will usually not help with charging time as the device will not use all that provided power, the device has a maximum charging Amperage set and it will not go over.

On the other hand if you would be to charge both devices from the same power supply at the same time then the higher power rating will help as both devices will have enough power provided by the power supply to pull full charge.

Hope this clears things up a little.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Correct. I have an iClever charger for iPhone and other USB charge connections (pocket oscilloscope ) that has one Amp and two Amp sockets. iPhone does not charge any faster on the two Amp side. The current draw is so low that faster cables do not exist
Third opinion... Total agreement!  The Power Converter Amperage rating is the main factor in charging speed... Unless the cable is otherwise defective or of high resistance, it has little to do with the overall charge rate!
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Why are the above advertised as "fast charging"?  I personally came across non-original lightning cables
that connects to same power source that could the same iphone faster than original Apple lightning
cables but these are rare.  The other non-original usually charges significantly slower
Uros GaberdirectorCommented:
Sorry to disappoint you but as said before no cable will make your phone/tablet charge faster.

Maybe if you compare cheap non-original cables and good non-original cables, the good ones could be in theory faster (due to lower voltage drop).

I have in my possession a UTP cable from a cheap manufacturer which when used in PoE installations caused a fire.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Why are the above advertised as "fast charging"?  <-- To make you purchase the product. Truth in advertising often remains just a goal.
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