MSA2000 G2 does not rebuild vdisk

we have an HP MSA2000 G2 with a failed disk. We replaced the disk and set the disk from AVAIL to SPARE (green).
Normally the vdisk should rebuild automatically, but it doesn't now. Any ideas?
Note: We already checked all the HP manuals and the top google hits
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Maybe here was a spare disk already and it rebuilt onto that?

Need log capture to see more of what's happening - .
EvilKnievelAuthor Commented:
Please see attached logs, i've read them through but couldn't find anything that rings a bell.
We have fiddled a bit with the spare/avail setting to try to trigger the rebuild, but you will see that in the
Can you confirm what's in slot 8 and 9 (numbering from zero to 11) of enclosure 0.

I see

getDiskHealthReason: encl=0 slot=7 health=0 reason=0 howUsed=1 2015-12-29 12:47:42.300
getDiskHealthReason: encl=0 slot=8 health=2 reason=1 howUsed=7 2015-12-29 12:47:42.307
getDiskHealthReason: encl=0 slot=10 health=0 reason=0 howUsed=1 2015-12-29 12:47:42.313

But slot 9 doesn't appear in the right place in the list so it looks like you may be changing the wrong disk???
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EvilKnievelAuthor Commented:
I will check that and get back to you.
EvilKnievelAuthor Commented:
All slots were filled with disks. Strange thing is, this morning we swapped the disks in slot 8 and 9, and now it suddenly works. Both were new disks and set to spare. After the swap it all worked out. Any idea what was going on?  We had no leftover drives by the way...
I would say there were 2 disks down in RAID6 and for some insane reason MSA2000s won't rebuild a single disk in that instance, both have to be replaced before rebuilding starts. I saw this behaviour a couple of weeks ago, it's ludicrous that it won't rebuild to single parity when you fit one disk but waits for the second replacement to be fitted. It does say "If two drives fail in a RAID 6 virtual disk, two properly sized spare drives must be available before reconstruction can begin." in a HP white paper though so it's to be expected.

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EvilKnievelAuthor Commented:
This is probably the case then, thanks for the info!
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