Forgotten my Wordpress login details

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I set up a simple Wordpress site on a Virtual Machine, but I've forgotten any sign-in details I set up.

How do I fix this? I've tried "forgotten password" but I don't seem to have set the user with my email address.

I have full control over the VM.

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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.
Check the database and look in the wp-users table.  The first (usually only) user in that table is the administrative user you created when you installed WordPress. You should be able to get the username and email from there and do a password reset.
Additionally look at the details here too,


Thanks for this - sorry I was off on holiday and didn't respond sooner.

I can look at the user table and in fact had remembered the email address I had used, but I get a message saying mail has not been installed (or set up - something similar) so I can't get the email link.

I had a look at the resetting your password link where it explains getting an MD5 hash of a new password and updating the user table. I will have to wait for tomorrow to do this now as my VM was running incredibly slowly because it was installing updates, and so I have had to quit and let the updates run.

However hopefully soon I will have this resolved - thanks for your help. I'll update tomorrow.


Sorry for the delay - I am now up and running.

I thought up a new password.

I created an MD5 hash for it here:

I ran MySQL Workbench and updated the wp_users table, updating the user_pass column with the new MD5 hash.

I then logged in with my new password and was able to get in.

Thanks for all your help.

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