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Can't save edited files on Win 10

This is a generalization of

I downloaded a different HTML editor (that I used before), I cannot save edited files with it either.

Is there some geberal protection level on folders, etc., in Win 10?

I am allowed to save Word & Excel docs.

This is crazy!!!!

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Where are you trying to save the files?  If you are trying to save in Program Files or Windows, you generally need to open the editor with Run as Administrator. Try that and see if it works.

From the point of view of folder and permission security, there is nothing substantially different in Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 or 7.
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check the ntfs permissions of the folder you are trying to save to  right click on the folder and select security and ensure that you have write permissions
If you run an "old" application not aware of Vista+ security changes prohibiting changes in sensitive folders, and with User Account Control active (which is by default), File & Folder Virtualization should jump in. It allows to access a file in protected folders (including the root of e.g. c:\) for reading, but redirects write attempts to a folder in your User profile path. This should happen here.

Otherwise it is a non-protected folder, and particular file access privileges are preventing to change the file. W10 might have removed some of them.
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To Qlemo,

Someone already answered that question (with something I can't understand), Can't delete.
To John Hurst,

I am 5 minutes away from dumping this computer & going back to my old one.

It has ALL the folder marked with a filled in BLACK checkbox; If i try to undo it, it says administrator privileges needed!!!

What are admin privileges?  I am the sole owner & user. Why do they make it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DIFFICULT????
I'm trying to save the files into a folder I copied from my old machine.
It is difficult because malicious software has been able to do harm in so many ways all the time. What OS are you used to?
Where is the folder location?  and did you try running the Editor with Run as Administrator?
To all,

 I got it to work using this convoluted mess:

I guess I need to do this for ALL folders, what a NIGHTMARE.

Does anyone know a simpler way?
To Qlemo,

I used Win 7 for years .

I wish now I had NEVER changed,

This is only ONE of 10 - 15 problems so far.

This is the worst one.

It is JUST PLAIN crazy to disallow folder permissions to be changed on your own computer by you.

I don't know what this means:

"Where is the folder location?  and did you try running the Editor with Run as Administrator? ".

It even fails using Notepad.
Please post the name of the folder you are trying to save to:  e.g., Program Files, Windows, or what name.

Normally I can save to any folder, but I have to Run as Administrator to save in Windows or Program Files.

Did you try:  Run as Administrator and does that work?
You should only need to do that, if at all, starting with your Users\xxx subfolder.
The folder is c:\intepub\wwwroot.

I don't know how to run as administrator. Like everything else, that is well hidden,

Qlemo, "You should only need to do that". Do what?
windows key - X select command prompt (admin)
takeown /f c:\inetpub\wwwroot /r /d n
now you should be able to edit the security preferences
I referred to your comment http:#a41388622.

Re InetPub, that has to be protected from malicious actions, so I would expect it to have tight security restrictions.
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"What are admin privileges?  I am the sole owner & user. Why do they make it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DIFFICULT????" - that's your real question.

The concept behind this (to you) annoyance is MIcrosoft's wish to make their OS safer. People like to run as administrator because everything works, everything is possible, no limits. Wait, that was true on Windows xp. After xp (vista/7/8/10), an admin is only then an unlimited admin if he elevates. Elevation is the process of confirming "yes, it's really me who wants to do this and not some program acting on its own but in my name". I hope you can follow. By requiring this confirmation through a consent prompt, Microsoft made their OS a little safer, yes. Unfortunately, not all programs are aware of these mechanisms, because if they were, you would not be here, you'd have no problem.
Microsoft was not able to make all of their own programs UAC aware (UAC is the technology that triggers elevation on demand, or better, should trigger UAC on demand). One of those non-UAC-aware programs is notepad. Another is task manager, another is gpedit.msc, other administrative tools follow. Microsoft just does not consequently follow their own UAC concept. THAT is the problem.

So what professionals do, is start their programs elevated whenever they sense (or know) these programs will need highest privileges. They do so simply by right-clicking their shortcuts or executables and selecting "run as administrator". That is all you need to be aware of.
Thanks Richard. I hope I have assisted you learning the new ways of Windows 10.

If I had it to do over again, I would seriously consider not doing it.

I have real work to do & I wasted almost half of today on these kind of issues.

These 'rules' have been in place forever.. or at least Window Vista and have always been the default in linux/osx