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Excel formula Question-Rounding

I have a requirement in my excel sheet that if the cell value is like 128.0304, I have to round it to 128.04, another example 77.001 to 77.01, another example 76.85483 to 76.86.IS this doable in excel formula.
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Use this assuming you got value in A1..then formula in b1 will be...


This will round it two decimal places...

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but there is a problem with that rounding as you can see 77.001 is rounding to 77 but it should round to 77.01 also i tried 76.85483 this rounded to 76.85 but I want to see to the next penny which is 76.86
Only rounding will not give you the output you are expecting. You will need to try it like this....
Assuming your number is in A1 then...

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Or rather use Roundup like this.....


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You were pretty fast on this. :)

I need to..I know talented experts like you are here..and if i need to beat you to it..i need to be fast.. :-)

lol. For me it's time to logoff now. See you in another thread. :)
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