how to create this data flow component?

wasabi3689 used Ask the Experts™
I have a SSIS package, but I want to modify it. When I open the package, I see the Hash Data Source icon, but I don't know how the developer created it. I see the toolbox, I don't see any icon for this creation.

Any ideas?

See my attachment
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Hi Wasabi,
The 'Hash Data Source' you see may be a custom component created by or downloaded from third-party by your developer.
Please post up a screenshot of the Properties for this component in your SSIS project.
Nakul VachhrajaniTechnical Architect, Capgemini India

I agree, the "Hash Data Source" appears to be a custom component which exists on the developer environment, but does not exist in your environment.


Here is the property. Please view the attchment. But, from the property, I don't find how it was created and where the third-party or download is located.

Can anyone tell?


Here is the property screenshot. View the attachment
Technical Architect, Capgemini India
The screenshot helped a lot! It is indeed a 3rd party component. Notice how the namespace is a custom one, and not a Microsoft one (Microsoft.SqlServer....).

The namespace (UserNamespace) helped me track it to a certain "SSIS Multiple Hash" component that is available on CodePlex here:

Try downloading the component from CodePlex and installing it on your environment. The SSIS components should then work as expected.

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