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needing a YouTube step by step video on how to create a WordPress site which would be saved onto a local machine.

Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

          Before getting into my actual question, I want to start by giving a brief introduction of where I am at with my interest in using WordPress to design a webpage.  I have XAMPP installed and configured correctly to load WordPress.  At this point, I am wanting to move to step two which is the actual creation of my web page and saving it locally on my laptop which brings me to this upcoming question.  While there are many YouTube videos showing the actual step by step procedures for creating a web page to put onto a hosting site, I can not seem to find any YouTube videos of how to create a webpage for a WordPress site or one saved onto the hard drive of the computer.  I assume the steps are pretty much the same, but, I stand to be corrected.  At any rate, if someone could reply to this need, it will be appreciated because I am looking forward to getting started.  

           Thank you


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