needing a YouTube step by step video on how to create a WordPress site  which would be saved onto a local machine.

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Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

          Before getting into my actual question, I want to start by giving a brief introduction of where I am at with my interest in using WordPress to design a webpage.  I have XAMPP installed and configured correctly to load WordPress.  At this point, I am wanting to move to step two which is the actual creation of my web page and saving it locally on my laptop which brings me to this upcoming question.  While there are many YouTube videos showing the actual step by step procedures for creating a web page to put onto a hosting site, I can not seem to find any YouTube videos of how to create a webpage for a WordPress site or one saved onto the hard drive of the computer.  I assume the steps are pretty much the same, but, I stand to be corrected.  At any rate, if someone could reply to this need, it will be appreciated because I am looking forward to getting started.  

           Thank you

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>> to create a webpage for a WordPress site or one saved onto the hard drive of the computer.  I assume the steps are pretty much the same, but, I stand to be corrected.  At any rate, if someone could reply to this need, it will be appreciated because I am looking forward to getting started.

You need to set up your local site then download a WordPress theme (or use one of the themes provided in the XAMPP download).

You have to understand that you also install a 'back end' or admin panel when you install WordPress locally.

You access the admin panel by using the address localhost:// This is WHERE you create the pages for your site.
How to Make a WordPress Website
Install WordPress on localhost
You can also install the WordPress on a localhost. The widely used localhost is XAMPP. You may learn about how to install XAMPP and WordPress on the local system from our previous post. We have chosen the localhost to demonstrate website development.

Choose a theme for your website
First of all, select a theme for your website. You may select a theme from the WordPress repository or browse this free themes gallery. You will find very nice themes in this gallery, which are responsive and designed with bootstrap elements.

Add Pages and Posts
WordPress gives one default page (sample page), and one default post (Hello world!), which you can see on your website. You can delete the default page and post and can add new ones.
Build an E-Commerce Site with Angular 5

Learn how to build an E-Commerce site with Angular 5, a JavaScript framework used by developers to build web, desktop, and mobile applications.

are you sure you want to run a website from your desktop?.
* you have to keep your pc running 24/7 in order to be "online".
* you have to share all your pc resources including memory, drives, cpu and mostly internet.
* your internet connection will slow down.
* the numbers of users than would be able to connect to your website are limited (unless
you have drives in raid setup, a good and fast upload speed connection and lot of memory.


Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

           I have to admit that I am getting some very insightful feedback to my question.  However, I am afraid that I have not been very clear with my post which is leading to some confusion.  First of all, my goal is not to run a permanent website from my desktop.  Instead, I wish to simply get started with creating a website locally onto my computer for later publication on a hosting site.  For the time being, I want to be able to incrementally create one piece by piece which will not be available for public viewing until it is transferred or exported to a hosting site.  It is my understanding so far that I can do this without the desktop being on 24/7.  Secondly, I do have XAMPP and WordPress successfully installed and configured properly to the best of my knowledge.  With that said,  I am needing a multimedia tutorial which shows the actual steps in creating a webpage which would include menus, wedges, columns, logos, insertion of pictures, and so forth.  The video would most likely be at least an hour duration.  Like I said earlier, I have found many on YouTube which demonstrate how to create a page from scratch on a "hosting" site which is viewable by the public on the internet.  However, I will be starting using a localhost site from my desktop which will be for my viewing only until I am confident enough to publish it live to a hosting site.  Comparing apples to oranges here sort of speak, will the steps demonstrated in the YouTube videos for creating a website from scratch using WordPress on a hosting site be the same as for a localhost?  I am under the impression the steps will be same.

            While I certainly do appreciate the link provided by Paul,  I believe everything will come together for me easier and quicker if I watch an hour or two hour video on the actual steps for creating a web page on a localhost desktop.  I will be printing out the information contained within his link as a reference guide which should prove helpful : - )  At this point, if a YouTube video demonstrating how to create a localhost website from scratch using WordPress can be provided, I believe this will tie up the loose ends and resolve any remaining confusion on my end.


I have done this in the past (some years ago) but I cannot remember the exact place where I got my final problems resolved for setting the site up on my PC (Localhost), but I DO remember it was resolved by fixing a problem in the .htacces file. I'll try to track the site down.

I realize you asked for a video, but I'm sure you'll find this article on to install WordPress locally very helpfull: How to Set Up a Local WordPress Installation on Your PC
...This article is about taking the first step towards a new and better you: setting up a local WordPress installation on your PC and taking control of your development process.
Windows Frequently Asked Questions
On YouTube: How to install XAMPP on Windows 7, Windows 8.0, & 8.1

WRITE DOWN ALL THE PASSWORDS YOU CREATE during the installation & what they correspond to. If not, you will have to reinstall XAMPP.
Now you add WordPress to the mix... How to install WordPress 4.1.1 on Localhost step by step

Again:  WRITE DOWN ALL THE PASSWORDS YOU CREATE during the installation & what they correspond to. If not, you will have to reinstall WordPress.
So if all went well, you have installed the localhost server, created an empty database and installed WordPress.

Make sure that all this is working correctly & then you can get down to the business of creating a site!
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.

Your questions and responses thus far indicate a lack of familiarity with WordPress and potentially a lack of familiarity with some key web hosting mechanisms.  A good grasp of both are needed to move WordPress sites around because the nature of WordPress makes transferring it one of the more difficult things you can do.

I would urge you to use your local site for learning/practice only at this time.  If you want to develop a live WordPress site for public consumption, obtain hosting and install WordPress and get it ready to deploy. To hide it from viewers until it is ready, you can use a "Coming Soon" plugin that displays a generic landing page to anyone who isn't logged in, but allows normal operation for anyone who is logged in.

If you insist on developing locally and transferring to a live server later, you would have been best served by altering your hosts file so that your preferred domain name was mapped to your local computer, allowing you to install and build WordPress with the eventual target domain name.  Since you are probably well past that,  encourage you to read my article on moving a WordPress site:

Which covers moving a site manually and/or with the assistance of a plugin.
@Jason C. Levine

AHA! good stuff... but that is quite a leap. I tried and failed to grasp Joomla on my local machine and managed to get better results with WordPress...  Even so, I cannot seem to grasp correctly! The Lock icon has a warning sign, although I have a valid security certificate.

I could open a new question on this :-)
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.

You should, since this isn't your question.


Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

              Using the YouTube link of given by Viki, I was able to successful download, install, and configure XAMPP to properly run WordPress.  It took me some time to realize that I needed a program (XAMPP) to basically run another program (WordPress) LOL.   While this YouTube video certainly did help to get me started, I want to add that the content rich suggestions and links given by Paul did help to de-mystify the process by explaining why the steps are needed.  I went ahead and bookmarked Paul's submitted tutorial links which will be later printed out for future reference.

               With regards to Jason's feedback, you are right with respect to my lack of familiarity with WordPress.  When I post a question on EE, I not only learn a great deal about possible strategies of resolving my concerns, but, I always learn a great deal about myself along the way.  I don't know if this makes much sense,  What I am trying to say is that I always try to be honest with myself through an admission of not knowing when posting a question even at the risk of looking inept and incompetent.  Throughout my many years of being a satisfied member of EE, I have always been able to get past this personal obstacle through the rewards of personal suggestions, tutorial links, and visionary ideas given by advisors of EE which always take me to the next level of understanding and skill development.  By the way Jason, thank you for your submitted link of  I did review it and quickly found out that it will be helpful down the road when it comes time to migrate my site.  I have bookmarked it along with the sites given by Paul which will be printed out.  

               In closing, I want to thank everyone for making this post a rewarding and enlightening one.  As always, I certainly did learn a lot here.  Thanks again everyone for being a positive part of this experience.

Basically, to run WordPress on your PC, you have to install the 'server' infrastructure first.

Another point, you can also install other instances of WordPress or other apps on the same server:
•      Joomla!
•      Drupal
•      Moodle
•      Magento
•      ownCloud
•      PrestaShop
•      MediaWiki
•      SugarCRM
•      phpBB
•      TestLink
•      DokuWiki
•      Invoice Ninja
•      Osclass
•      Zurmo
•      OrangeHRM
•      OpenCart
•      SimpleInvoices
•      MODX
•      Mahara
•      MyBB
•      EspoCRM
•      AbanteCart
•      Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
•      ProcessWire


Thank you Paul for your follow up tip.  This is good information to know as I branch out more in the future from this learning experience.

Have a good day : - )


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