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Too many failed message tracking requests via EWS

I got this error message on daily basis from One of CAS server. I searched a lot and found that this alert is generating due to FAIL message tracking request . I ran the below command

$msg = get-transportserver | get-messagetrackinglog –start 12/27/2015 –eventid FAIL

$msg | group-object –property Sender,Source | Select-object name,count | sort count –desc | select –first 25 | ft –auto

This cmdlet  will result in showing which sender is sending the most messages with message tacking that return a FAIL error event

i got that the sender email address as


When i looked for this object in AD then i found nothing but the type of this object is "msExchExchangeServerRecipient"

i don't find this email address anywhere in EMC. Please let me know what to do with object so that message tracking will get stopped.

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