Need a Filter in my Lotto Machine Form.

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I wanted to add a filter to the lotto machine that will allow me to just see one day a week.  so i get match results and I can put in Tuesday and it only shows me Tuesdays.  It would work with the match filter or without.  And of course for reporting, it would dump into the tempResults table.

I'm not sure how difficult this is.

Let me know, any direction would be great!!


This is the database:
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Compact and repair is a happy thing.
I pulled down the 256 MB sample.
Compacted it.
1.5 MB

Now, on frmFilter you want to optionally select a weekday so that you can look for draws where certain numbers came up on certain days of the week?
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Like this?
Done on your main form.
Changes to the form, the query and tempTable


Thats exactly what I want, however, it doesn't seem to be filtering out the days not chosen?? Im not sure if I am doing it wrong?
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I only played with it a little.
But if I picked 7-9-13-16 and match = 4 on Wednesday and hit Requery/Save, I get Draw 1757719
All days, there are 46
Sundays --4
Mondays -- 11
Tuesdays -- 8
Wednesday -- 1
Thursday -- 2
Friday -- 7
Saturday --13

Match is mandatory -- it doesn't create a filter without it.
Does it need to be optional?

This one will deal with an invalid match value and still filter by day


I would like it to be optional, unless its a huge Pain, that isn't crucial. Im going to use it almost exclusively with match.
This really a first step in what I want as far as Excel charts.

This is obviously another question, but I want your opinion on how difficult this would be. I would pay money for this functionality!!!

I loaded you a sample of what I have been doing with the data Manually.

Im not sure if a form could be built and launched from the main form that would take my match for a single day and Line chart the draws Between.

  Almost like a split form with a Customer at the top and orders at the data-set bottom.

Mine would be a date at the top and all the 5 matches for that day on the bottom, and a line Graph plotting the draws between each match for that single day. As you move through the days the data and graph on the bottom would change. That seems to me like a ton of code.


Nick Is the best!!

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