Oracle LEFT string compare throws a 'ORA-00904: "LEFT": invalid identifier' error message.

Jim Horn
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Hi Guys

In the below code I'm trying to get all tables.columns in my schema that have a column name of B01 or B02.   That works fine, BUT I'm trying to filter out any tables that begin with 'INT', and when I include the commented-out line it throws an 'ORA-00904: "LEFT": invalid identifier' error message.  

Question:  What's the correct syntax for the commented-out line below?

SELECT  column_name, table_name
FROM    all_tab_columns
  AND olumn_name  IN ('B01', 'B02')
  -- AND LEFT(table_name, 3) != 'INT'     -- <--  This line is not working.. 
ORDER BY column_name, table_name;

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Thanks in advance.
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Senior Oracle DBA
LEFT is not a valid Oracle function.  You need to use SUBSTR.

That would translate to:

SUBSTR(table_name, 1, 3)
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Bingo bango.  That works.  Thank you.
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Even though you already selected a solution I wanted to also throw out:
AND table_name not like 'INT%'
johnsoneSenior Oracle DBA

I was trying to give the Oracle version of the LEFT function.

What I would also like to point out is a very helpful link ->

That is the chapter of functions in the Oracle documentation.  For someone learning Oracle, it is a great reference.
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>>give the Oracle version of the LEFT function.

I figured but wanted to throw out the alternative for future reference.

In can be beneficial to not use functions on columns with an index.  A right handed wildcard still might use the index.

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