What settings should be adjusted in order to make an photo blur using a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR camera?

I am using a 18 - 55 MM lens. I want to make a certain object (leaf object) blur rather than the background. What must I adjust on my camera to accomplish this?

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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Are you using a point and shoot or DSLR camera (i.e. a camera with interchangeable lenses)?

From what I can see, the green leaf in the foreground is already blurred!

In any case, a smaller depth of field (i.e. f-stop between f2.8 - f1.2) should blur foreground AND background by focusing on the couple.
joukiejouk  set your focus (aperture)  depth of field,
this determines  the the subject clarity and the objects in front, the distance from the camera and the subject in the back.
Deactivating your camera's autofocus system is one method to give you full control, zoom in and out to see the front blur.
If it helps
SL1(100D) Menu User Guide (Video)
How to Make the Foreground Blurry With a DSLR Camera
joukiejoukAuthor Commented:
I am using Photoshop CC 2015 for editing photos. How would I create these glowing effects in the app? What is this effect called? I'd like to see if there is a video about it in youtube.

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Hi joukiejouk I dont believe these are an effect but rather how the photo was taken, see how the entire background is slightly blurred, this seems to me the photo was taken  up close to the subject in foreground hence the background is blurred.

Yes there are many youtube video on this  but you asked to how to blur the foreground?
As Paul said the smaller your f number, the blurrier your background will be.
I posted one video and it covers the foreground focus, did you want to blur the back area?
This is a camera setting, yes it can be done in Photoshop but involves using the lasso tool
select the image you wish to edit.
Click on the lasso tool towards the top of your toolbar. ...
Draw around the section of the background you would like to blur. ...
How to Blur the Background of an Image in Photoshop Elements

 Now for the videos only on how to blur background photoshop VIDEOS only
youtube video
Photoshop Tutorial | Blur Background like Very Expensive Lens Photography
When you do a search, if using Google in the search results click on videos or images.
Google SearchUnderstanding Aperture (A.K.A. How To Make Your Background Blurry)
Understanding Depth of Field
Hope it helps
regards Merete

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Omer SaleemJunior Structure EngineerCommented:
I am doing photography for a while. The effect you want joukiejouk is called Bokeh Effect. And yeah every photographer dream of it. You can get it by using lens of higher aperture of f 1.2 - 1.8 lenses. They come in fixed lenses and zoom-able lenses. Fixed are common.
Now which lens to buy?
1. If money isnt a problem and you are professional photographer go for f/1.2 lens but ofcourse it cost 1200 above dollars.
2. If you are a starter and do photography for fun, not earning. better go for f/1.8 auto focus lens.
3. In between these budgets you can go for f/1.4 and zoom-able lenses.
And photoshop is photoshop. Post process is Post Process. Go on youtube search for results of each lens. Trust me that site would guide you exactly what you want. Happy to help :)
Welcome to EE Omer Saleem.
Have Fun
Regards Merete
Omer SaleemJunior Structure EngineerCommented:
Thank Merete :)
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