bootstrap or jQuery mobile?

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Hi Experts,

I am planning to make a javascript web application that supports mobile device (especially iOS). For now I need to implement some common UI, such as buttons, menus, popup messages.
 I did some search and found both bootstrap and jQuery mobile can do mobile UI. I am not sure what else I will need when moving forward, and need to decide which one to use.
What are their Pros and Cons comparing to each other?
Thank you!
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Essentially I would say they do the same job, but bootstrap has a little more helper classes available than jquery mobile for responsive design, although jquery does provide information on responsive design and how to go at it, the bootstrap already has helper classes that let you do things faster for responsive design.

So in the light of this I guess it would depend on what kind of site are you creating a responsive one or a mobile one?
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also keep in mind that bootstrap is heavy on css, whereas jquery is JavaScript so your familiarity of these may play a factor in which you choose. however there's nothing preventing you from using both.

all things being equal, i would start with bootstrap and then bring jquery in as needed.

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