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Mac Vmware - Windows 7 Lags/Slow Performanace Issue

I have a iMac (21.5, late 2013 Edition) running Vmware Fusion with Windows 7 Professional.

The Mac has 8GB of Ram and so the Mac and the VM is divided into 4GB each in allocation for the VM.

The user been having alot of issues with poor/horrible performance on both the Mac and Windows side.

Windows side, it takes forever after a reboot (at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes) to even use the Windows applications such as Outlook. It also takes forever to load any emails at the very beginning and halfway thru the day, the user reports that the Mac seems to go to "sleep" meaning it gets worst to where she needs to reboot the Mac to fix the problem.

We were wondering if their anything we can do to fix this problem or resolve the slowness. It a pain to have to reboot the Mac and wait almost a hour a day to use a machine and then having to reboot in the middle of the day to get it to work correctly.  

Any suggestions? I thought maybe we should recommend upgrading the Ram (suppose it can be maxed out at 16 GB but will need to be taken apart completely to do so as their no easy way to remove the memory in this model) or to reinstall Vmware and Windows.
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