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Win 10 Network problems

I am having problems with accessing files on my win 10 networked pc. i can ping the pc and access the folders but not the files. i get the error message that I do not have permission to access the files
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are you logged in with an administrator account, or as a normal-user?
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i am logged on as Administrator
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@bledington - Thanks and I was happy to help.
Sorry i inadvertently and in error said the solution had been found. This is not the case. i can access the networked pc and drill down to the folder i want but then get the error message about not having permissions.
If you can map the drive and then are drilling down to a User Folder, then you will normally get a permission message and this is normal.

Make an interchange folder on both computers named (say) c:\temp. Make sure c:\temp allows Modify Permission, and then see if you can access this folder (and files) from the other computer.

If you wish to share User Folders, then turn Homegroup ON and use Homegroup.

The message you are getting depends on what folder you are trying to access.
John l am trying to access the Users folder
So then you need to set up Homegroup on one computer and then add the second computer to the Homegroup. That should allow you to share. That is what Homebrgroup is for.
I do not really want to use Homegroup. Is there a registry fix for my problem?
No. User folders are shared by Homegroup. Non-user folders can be share traditionally as per my article above.

So if you do not wish to use Homegroup (I do not) then use non_User Folders (I do this).