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autodiscover for Exchange 2010 when autodiscover DNS is different than external DNS for mail server

The public DNS record and cert for my Exchange server is mail.mydomain.com.  I have a single server holding all roles.  It's internal and external DNS record is the same internally and externally.  This being mail.mydomain.com.  I'm trying to get autodiscover setup.  Below is what I requested for my ISP.  They manage my public DNS records for me..  I manage the Exchange server onsite and the IIS server onsite used for the redirect.  Is this correct?  Also..  The redirect.mydomain.com website has HTTP redirect redirecting to https://mail.mydomain.com/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml .  With that said..  Is my request below correct?

Create an A record of redirect.mydomain.com and point it to publicIPaddress
Create a CNAME record of 'autodiscover' for our domain of mydomain.com with a value of redirect.mydomain.com
Create a SRV record of the below values:

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