Domain Controller has 2 automatic Site Linkes referencing the same DC from another site

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I am running a multiple Site Active Directory infrastructure.  I am Bridging all site links so all of my site link objects are automatically generated.  

In one of my sites however, one of the domain controllers has 2 <automatically generated> links from the same DC in the other site.  One looks like a duplicate.  Can I just delete one of them.  I have never quite seen this before.  The other server in the site looks fine with the appropriate links from the other Sites\servers.

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Yes you can delete the automatically create link. However what you might want to do is after deleting the link re-run the Replicaiton Topology. You do this by doing the following...
- Right click the NTDS settings on the DC
- select all tasks
- run check replication topology

This will check again and ensure that you did not delete an essential connection. However you should not have two connections to the same DC in the same site.

Scott CSenior Engineer

Yes.  You should be fine removing the duplicate entry.  

Just to be on the safe side though, make detailed notes on the link you are removing so you can add it back if needed.


The solution worked fine, Thanks

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