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what is the use of testing a site in 
if there are lot of errors as per the above site, does that mean:
1. poor coding standards
2. site will load slowly
3. site is not w3c compliant
4. site is hard to crawl for the search engines
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If your getting errors it means your site is probably not w3c compliant. It is possible the site is valid and there could be a problem with the validator itself. I don't think it means poor coding standards. Some features can be coded well but are impossible to realize without breaking some standards.

The point of having a standards based website is that in theory it should work the same with all browsers. Although this isn't always the case. Older browsers where not designed with support for all standards which means that sometimes you had to use custom settings and that prevents your site from being validated.

For example. IE8 doesn't recognize the following CSS
background: linear-gradient(black, white);

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and instead you had to use
filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr=#000000, endColorstr=#ffffff);

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which would break your CSS validation. IE11 is better but a lot of people are still using older browsers.

However, IE 8/9/10 lose support from Microsoft on Jan 12th, 2016. I think MS hopes that people will upgrade to a newer browser. If that is the case it will make writing standards based websites a little easier.


thanks. would wait for other experts opinions also.

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