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Best backup/recovery and antivirus software for small Windows 2012 Standard and Exchange Server 2016

Hi, I am currently putting together a small network of 12 users and would welcome suggestions on the best options for Server backup and recovery software along with a good virus package. A new server is going in and the 12 i7 pcs (all around 12 to 24 months old are being upgraded to Windows 10, so if the same recovery software could be utilized for them, it would a bonus.

I am also looking at the transition from Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2007 to Outlook 2016 with Exchange 2016, but as that is quite a separate matter, I have concurrently posted that as a separate question.
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Depends on your budget. If you're looking for a cheap way to backup your server then utilize the Windows Server Backup software built in to 2012 standard. You could use two USB external hard drives and rotate them in and out. Ensure you set it up to backup the bare metal recovery option if you go this route.

If you're looking for more of an enterprise backup software then, utilize Symantec or something expensive. This takes significant more time to set up and can be temperamental dependent on your environment and what you're trying to backup.

I wouldn't try use the same backup software for users computers, as technically they probably shouldn't be saving any data from their computer locally, their important work should be going onto the server network drives where it is backed up. It gets WAY too complicated if you're trying to create to a computer client backup, and its a huge waste of network drive space.

In regards to antivirus, you can utilize the webroot, AVG business or Kaspersky - allowing you administrative deployment throughout the network.

It all comes down to budget.
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Thanks Robert.

I have normally stuck with Symantec System Recovery (from when it was called BESR version 8.?? through to SSR 2013. I have never tried Acronis and it's a long, long time since leaving anyone to depend on Windows backup - probably around Windows  Server NT 4.0, I think - never touched it since?  I am sure it has come on leaps and bounds since then, but it was really a case of doing a full installation again. When I start using Symantec there was no turning back.

With Symantec you could buy SSR for the server and if you purchased Symantec Protection Suite it came with SSR for workstations as well.

SSR, is as you say, more fiddly but I am ok with that, just unfamiliar with the current Symantec line up.
I have a few clients on windows server backup. It works well for their current situation and requirements, due to either not having the funds for back ups or internet prices too high to push it off site.

It backs up daily to either Rotational Backup A,B or C and they just rotate it out throughout the week on the daily.

I am also unsure of the current symantec line up, the most recent one I have touched has been set up to an old tape deck which took some love and care to make work!

I know windows server 2012 essentials has a local computer backup which you can set up specific workstations to backup directly to a folder on the server. I found it takes up way to much space, but if you have a NAS with a ton of spare storage then it would work well. This being said, I am unsure if they made that available in windows server 2012 standard.

Sorry I couldn't be much more help! :(
Windows Backup is pretty good, and reliable, these days. It is easy to recover individual folders/files. It makes use the the entire backup device to make versions. I have a 1TB server backing up to 2TB USB drives and the versions go back several months.
I'd recommend using at least three backup drives so there is always at least one backup off-site.
If you want really cheap A/V then take a look at
It isn't real time - you need to schedule the scans, but unless you have users running RDP sessions on the server I'd argue real time scanning is not necessary.
Bit Defender is really good A/V for servers and work stations.
I have normally stuck with Symantec System Recovery  <-- It should continue to work for you. Also, I use Symantec Endpoint Protection for all my client servers and machines. It works well and the very newest version supports Windows 10 Build 10586.

We use Backup Exec on big servers with large tape drives but you may not need this.
Thanks Robert,  AKB and John. I am sure WIndows backup is vastly improved. I last used it in 1998 (18 years ago) on an NT Server, not long after Novell were the big boys of business networking.

At the time, I did 3 recoveries over a two year period and each required a full server reinstallation and exchange was a complete nightmare.

All my clients have Symantec System Recovery like John, and those that don't have two USB drive (that are seldom swapped as regularly as they should) have a connection to a backup at home.

This client wanted a backup at home, but once the initial backup is done, the incremental backup is fairly small and I have been thinking of backing up to OneDrive which they get for free.
One Drive will work if the total volume of data is limited. Data volumes do tend to constantly increase.
I was thinking of getting them to invest in one Office 365 for Business basic account (around £36 per year) to give them 1TB on space.

Easier for me to monitor, and less intrusive than going through to the business owner's home.
If your volume of data fits, that will work. We do not go through people's homes, but we do ask specific employees to take tapes home on rotation and return. The tapes are encrypted and useless to anyone but us.

Your idea will work as well.
Has anyone used Acronis?
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Thanks bobluis I will check that out today,
Sure. That is a big list.
I agree with Rob regarding your budget constraints. if you don't have a budget, try Windows server backup. I've seen clients use it in different situations and it can work well.  

We use Veritas Backup Exec (Use to be Symantec) for server backups although it's not cheap. We work with Active directory and Exchange everyday and Backup Exec works well to protect our clients data.

We've normally use Backup Exec to restore data at least once a month when clients delete email or files by mistake.  One important point to remember with any backup application is test a restore of a folder and email (or possibly an entire server if you have a spare) so you are familiar with the restore process and you know the backup files you are writing daily/weekly can be read properly in case it's needed.

Hope this helps!
best answer as not happy with with SSR or Windows backup.
@admin: FIRST, DON'T BLAME ME!! This is not just a blind link. If anyone get the exact info what he was looking for then what's wrong with it?