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I am attempting to use a super micro 3u BB super server sys-5037MC-H8TRF blade server  to install esx remotely , I have an issue where whatever I do I cannot seem to pass any commands thru the virtual ( or other ) keyboard , I also cannot seem to get it to mount a ISO to install the esx ,

I am thinking that this is a java or a browser problem , what version of java is best and what browser is best ?

the firmware is 03.19 and it was bought in late 2014

i CANNOT seem to get the virtual storage to not be greyed out ,  

virtual storage is grayed outimage on windows share , is this how to boot an ISO???????
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We have HP Blades and from time to time we run into this so we have to go through the drill of updating the Blade's firmware (In particular the iLO which is the 'always' on maintenance processor) and update the version of Java.  What we have learned is:
> Old firmware = Old version of Java
> New firmware = New version of Java

Hope that helps,



yeah that makes sense to me , now that you mention it

thanks for this


also make sure you check console reset , it is some where in the GUI , I think under system is a  setting to reset console , rebooting the server apparently is not the same thing

so reset console in the GUI , look carfully and find it

reboot and reset fixed this perhaps not really sure


thanks , it is fixed now , we not sure exactly what fixed it ,

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