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Hello all,

I run a Teamspeak 3 server at .

I have a subdomain and I want to access the TS server through this subdomain without the need of a port (so a user only needs to enter to access the TS server).

I can access A, AAAA, CNAme, SRV records (and more) for my subdomain.

Try #1:
I use a CNAME change: redirects to . It works fine, but people have to use "" to access the server.

Try #2:
I used a SRV entry with the following entries:
SRV: _ts3._udp.ts 0 5 10006
The dot at the end of ".net." is added by the admin panel automatically.

It seems, #2 is not working. Wrong entries? What do I have to change please?
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I have this set up on one of my domains, and it works perfectly.  My (slightly edited) entry from the zone file:
_ts3._udp		SRV	10 5 9987

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A couple things to note:
The SRV name is _ts3._udp.  Your entry has an additional ".ts" at the end
My DNS port is 9987, and my TS service is configured to use the same.  Verify your particular port config
Make sure the target matches the name for your final destination.  Your explanation was a little ambiguous.

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